High Altitude Exercise: 5 Health Benefits You Can’t Ignore

For those looking to take their exercise routine to the next level, high altitude training is an excellent option. Not only does it offer a unique and challenging environment, but there are also several health benefits associated with this type of exercise. From increased cardiovascular health to enhanced oxygen utilization in the body, here are five reasons why you should consider high altitude exercises for your next workout. 

1) Improved Cardiovascular Health – High altitude training has been proven to reduce resting heart rate and improve aerobic fitness levels due to its lower air pressure which increases red blood cell count. This allows more oxygen-rich blood cells to reach muscle tissue during intense physical activity resulting in improved endurance and performance capacity. 

2) Increased Strength & Endurance – Due to the thin air at higher altitudes, performing any activity becomes more strenuous on muscles as they require additional energy and effort in order for them function properly at these elevations leading to greater strength gains after returning back down from higher altitudes. Additionally, running or cycling at high altitudes will give you better results than if done at sea level because of the decreased availability of oxygen which forces muscles into working harder over time resulting in greater gains when returning back down from higher elevator levels..

3) Better Oxygen Utilization In The Body – By exercising regularly at higher elevation zones (beyond 6,000 feet above sea level), athletes can experience an increase in VO2 max due to forced adaptation that occurs within the body allowing for better absorption of available oxygen molecules into tissues during physical activities such as running or biking .  

4) Enhanced Concentration & Focus – When exerting yourself physically under low atmospheric pressures that are common with high elevation zones combined with clean mountain air free of city pollutants , many people report a heightened sense focus accompanied by a clarity that is often difficult attain while living closer towards ground levels surrounded by smoggy conditions .  

5) Greater Calorie Burning Potential– Studies have shown that exercising regularly (specifically cardio activities like running ) while being exposed up near elevations between 8 ,000-10 ,000 feet can result in burning anywhere between 30%-50% more calories per hour compared against normal calorie expenditure rates achieved while operating nearer towards ground levels.